SCLS's volunteer Board is the lifeblood of our work, and we are grateful for all they do on our behalf! We always welcome new participants on the Board, new energy, and new insights.

Here's a little about The Sophia Center Board members.

photo Credit: Cheryl bridges

Sandy LaGrega, Founding Board member

As Board president and founding member of The Sophia Center for Life Studies, Sandy holds the vision for all of what we accomplish. And that's ALOT! She travels the world over educating, learning, and connecting with others in the natural home funeral movement. Sandy is a true pioneer in this field, yet is willing to learn more and to share her knowledge, wisdom, and experience with families and individuals who want to honor their loved ones in this way.

As a visionary and social biographer, Sandy is always dreaming up creative ways for us to connect to ourselves and to others interested in personal and spiritual growth. Sandy can be reach at

photo Credit: Cheryl bridges

Charlotte Whitcomb

Charlotte comes to The Sophia Center Board after having provided natural death care and home funeral care to her own mother as a member of the Crossing Care group at New Garden Friends Meeting in Greensboro, NC. In planning for her mother's care, she reached out to Sandy for education, enlisted the help of other family members, and never looked back. Charlotte says, "This work is very rewarding, and I don't regret having done it for my mother."

When she's not balancing our checkbook or taking donations, Charlotte enjoys life at the lake and spending time with her husband, kids, grandkids, and kitties. You can reach Charlotte by email,

photo Credit: Cheryl bridges

Joyce McKenzie

Another original Sophia Center Board member, Joyce is committed to serving others through our work. She is a tireless supporter of all our special events, social gatherings, and countless endeavors. Joyce also brings balanced and gentle insight into all that we do.

Joyce is an accomplished artist and enjoys a quiet life with her husband and family. Contact Joyce at

Martha Taylor

Let's be right up front with you right now:  Martha makes some mean gluten-free brownies! And it's no surprise since she's spent her career teaching nutrition at UNC-Greensboro. Martha brings to The Sophia Center an eye for detail and a calming, consistent presence.

Along with her spouse, Stimp, Martha has been instrumental in spreading the word and engaging in conversations around death and dying, including the launch of Greensboro's version of "Death Cafe," an international movement to de-stigmatize the topic of death. Martha may be reached by email at


Last, but not at all least, is our most loyal Board member, Hampton--the biggest, sweetest yellow Labrador you're likely to meet. Hampton patiently abides our long Board discussions, sits politely while we gather in the kitchen, and waits quietly even when it's long past time for us (and him) to take a bathroom break. He's always on the lookout for someone to drop brownie crumbs on the floor. Can't have a dirty floor, now can we?

Hampton doesn't have an email address since his mommy doesn't let him use the computer. You can always reach him via the Contact Us page on our website.

The SCLS Board would also like to recognize our emeriti Board members: Jo Leeds and Judy Boyd, both of whom were founding members; Brenda Bergeron; Cheryl S. Bridges; and, Amanda Stubbs Hoback, who made her transition from earthly form on August 6, 2014. We were honored to serve Amanda and her family by caring for her body and sitting vigil.