The primary role of The Sophia Center for Life Studies is to support the work of Crossing Care NC,

which is dedicated to home funeral/natural burial education and information. We invite you to learn more about

both through this website. We are especially proud of our video, "The Art of Natural Death Care," which was

presented at the 2017 National Home Funeral Alliance conference.



The Sophia Center's Vision

The Sophia Center is a center for sacred service oriented toward keeping matters of soul and spirit central to efforts concerned with being of help to others. Our work in sacred service is derived from the diverse spiritual beliefs and practices of our individual members.


Our Commitments

Members of The Sophia Center for Life Studies are committed to:

1) Developing conscious soul capacities and receptivity to the reality of spiritual worlds [inner work]; 2) Translating these soul capacities and receptivity into the everyday situations of our various lives and fields of endeavor [walking our talk]; 3) Nurturing and supporting others who are devoted to sacred service; and, 4) Reimagining, developing an understanding of, and practicing new soul/spiritual approaches to service.

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The SCLS Board

The Sophia Center is energized and enlivened through the service of our volunteer Board members, past and present. It is their unfolding vision for our future that brings new light to the services and initiatives supported through The Sophia Center, including our work in caring for our own through natural home funerals.

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Crossing Care

As the primary initiative of The Sophia Center, Crossing Care works to education, inform, and facilitate natural home funeral care, empowering families to serve as their own funeral directors.

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