Beth Knox, author and Founder of Crossings: Caring for Our Own at Death (

"Alison's Gift," the story of Crossings' beginnings at the unexpected death of Beth's daughter, Alison.

"A Movement to Bring Grief Back Home," The Washington Post, 6/5/2005

"Home Funerals, Tending to Their own," (video) UPI News, 10/29/2008

"The Case for Home Funeral Care," (interview) on WYPR, 5/19/2010

Nancy Jewel Poer, author and lecturer on the topics of conscious death and dying (

"Living into Dying:  A Journal of Spiritual and Practical Deathcare for Family and Community"

"The Tear: A Children’s Story of Transformation and Hope When a Loved One Dies"

"The Most Excellent Dying of Theodore Jack Heckelman," (video) the heartwarming story of the conscious dying and natural death care of Nancy's beloved brother, Jack.


  • "After Death Home Care," a brief introductory DVD to natural death care by pioneer Merilynne Rush
  • "Caring for the Dead:  Your Final Act of Love, " Lisa Carlson
  • "A Family Undertaking," a ground-breaking, award-winning look at the home funeral movement by PBS
  • "Final Rights: Reclaiming the American Way of Death," Lisa Carlson
  • "Grave Matters:  A Journey Through the Modern Funeral Industry to a Natural Way of Burial," Mark Harris
  • It's Okay to Die," Monica Williams
  • "Passing Through Our Hands," a documentary produced by Donna Belk on natural home funeral care
  • "Undertaken with Love:  A Home Funeral Guide for Congregations and Communities"
  • “The Art of Natural Death Care”, a documentary produced by Katelyn LaGrega.

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